High Pressure Jetting Modules

Our high pressure jetting modules are available with a wide range of pumping capacities for a wide range of applications. The compact lightweight and compact construction (including the special basic frame), the light water tanks made of PE and the special component arrangement ensure optimum load distribution and stowage conditions in the vehicle.

The modules in the basic frame can be expanded as required by the modular principle. On request, you can get your vehicle with a waterproof and insulated inner lining. This makes it easy to maintain and long-lasting. The high pressure jetting modules are driven by means of gearbox-dependent auxiliary drive (type HD-30-NA, HDF-30-NA, HD-40-NA) or separate driven motor (type HD-20-SB).

The drive of the high pressure pump is taken over by the powerful vehicle engine in the secondary drive version. This is why vehicles with this drive concept work particularly quietly and economically and have large reserves of stowage. The special maintenance and repairability as well as a low installation weight of our built-in components are important factors.